Portfolio – Мost beautiful places in the winter


Frost, ice and snow sometimes can be miracle workers, creating neat gorgeous sceneries literally out of nothing. The feelings that the frosted window brings, the crunchy snow under your feet, the smell of warmed wine and homemade cakes, the Christmas markets and ice rinks – let’s say that the winter season has some cozy perks among the others. No wonder why the inhabitants of the tropical countries are often desperate to see real beautiful winter – to feel what is to throw snowballs, building a snowman, or just laying down and making a snow angel.

We selected some places around the globe where the winter really is a fairytale. Look at the pictures, enjoy the winter landscapes and get your inspiration for a journey.

Bled, Slovenia

This is a quite popular landscape for all the greet cards from Slovenia – the island with the scenic church in the middle of Bledskoto lake. Well, the winter landscape of Bled is just praying to become your wallpaper. Through the clear and frosty air is easy to see the small church while the lake surface magically reflects the blue sky and all of this with the background of the snowy Alps.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Though the winter the tourist flow to Croatia is decreased and the famous Plitvice lakes are left to rest. That’s why is actually a great idea to travel here at this particular time of the year – to walk on snow covered trails, reaching the fully frozen waterfalls and enjoy the beauty of nature in general solitude.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam’s canals are beautiful view at any time of year. But in winter time, when white caps cover the roofs and the trees along with the gargoyles and street lamps on the promenade – then the city shines with his special charm. The winter turns whole Amsterdam into a fairytale decor. The feeling is like a fairy swings with her magic stick and then carries you into cartoon from your childhood. All of that is even more beautiful when the frost persist long enough to transform the channels into ice rinks. Then you can see them all – children and adults, sliding and having fun together.

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